Video Verification on Alarm

U.L.C Listed Monitoring Station

Video Verification of Alarms Keeps You Safe & Saves Money

One of the most powerful ways to protect your home or business is by setting up video verification on alarm with our central monitoring station. When you have this service activated, the trained staff at the video monitoring Toronto, a station can use your surveillance cameras to verify alarms and learn more about trouble conditions at your location.

How does it work? When an alarm sounds at your property, central station staff can log into the cameras in your home or business, and view live and pre-recorded footage. There are some reasons why this service is important.

One of the most crucial is that it lets the staff to verify the cause of the alarm and determine if the crime is ongoing. It’s important because many municipalities charge for false alarms. Thus, video verification on alarm systems not only keeps you safe, but it can also save you money and hassle.
Also, with our service of video monitoring Toronto and across Canada, if the central staff determines that an active crime is taking place, they can let the authorities know that this is the case. Police and other authorities often place a higher priority on actual crimes.

Video verification also lets the central station find out key details about the crime. They can then relay this information to the authorities, increasing their effectiveness when they arrive. The details that the central station gives to the police can help them with their strategies for stopping the crime.

Trust SafeTech for Video Verification

SafeTech has been protecting people and property for more than 25 years. We are an established and respected security partner that knows what it takes to keep your home or business safe and secure 24/7. Our fully redundant and U.L.C listed central monitoring station allows us to provide state-of-the-art alarm monitoring services to clients all across Canada.

We make sure that you are always safe and protected from crime.

When you trust SafeTech for video verification of alarms, you are trusting an award-winning security provider that has achieved 96% customer satisfaction and averages only 89 seconds in monitoring response time. We also have the lowest rate of loss in the industry: only .2%!

For more information on video monitoring Toronto and our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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