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Communication with SafeTech Monitoring Station

One of the most important parts of working with a monitoring station company is the level of communication between you, the monitoring station and your property. The incredible strength of a monitored alarm system is due to the fact that your property is watched over 24/7.

SafeTech prides itself in offering not just effective communication with our clients, but also in utilizing a variety of technologies to ensure that we can always communicate effectively with your alarm system, no matter the situation.

Telephone Line Communication

Traditionally, alarm systems have communicated with the central station through telephone lines. This is a reliable form of communication that can continue to operate properly even during a power outage. However, telephone lines are vulnerable to natural and deliberate outages (such as someone cutting a phone line). Plus, more and more people are foregoing their traditional phone lines in favour of newer technology.

GSM Communication

GSM communication is used a backup for telephone line communication, but it can also be used as a primary communication tool. Cellular GSM connections are wireless and generally tamper-proof. Therefore, deliberate outages are rare.

Global Reach

Radio Communication

Radio communication is also a wireless system. This system uses a unique radio frequency to provide communication between your alarm system and SafeTech Monitoring Station.

IP Communication

IP communication (or VoIP) is a digital connection that makes it possible for audio signals to be transmitted over the internet.

Wi-Fi Communication

Wi-Fi communication uses your internet connection to communicate, similar to how your home or business Wi-Fi network functions.

DVAC Communication

DVAC stands for Digital Voice Access Control. This involves using a dedicated line from your telecom provider to communicate with your alarm system. This technology is typically used in high-risk situations and for properties that need to maintain a ULC certificate.

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For more information on SafeTech Monitoring Station or to speak with one of our loss prevention professionals to find out more on how you can protect your property, please contact us today. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.

We can also help you choose the communication platform and type of security system that will work best for your particular situation. It is our goal to provide our clients with the most reliable and effective security tools available.

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