Emergency Response

U.L.C Listed Monitoring Station

The Right Alarm Response

In addition to watching over your property at all times, the way that a security company responds to trouble conditions is also crucial. After all, you aren’t just using a monitoring service to know more about your property, you’re also using it to react more quickly to trouble conditions.

That’s what SafeTech provides: The right response as quickly as possible. We keep you and your property safe by acting quickly and effectively.

The staff at our central station is skilled and experienced and understands exactly how to respond to any emergency situation. We will also work with you to make sure that we respond in the manner that you’re comfortable with. This incredible dedication to our customers makes us the right choice for emergency response services.

Emergency Dispatch

Carbon Monoxide MonitoringIn the event of a crime or other situation at your property, our monitoring team can be in touch with the appropriate emergency services quickly.
However, our response doesn’t stop with simply contacting the right emergency services. Our teams work to relay information about your situation to the authorities, helping them work more effectively. For example, if you have monitored video surveillance, our central station staff can watch live and pre-recorded footage from your property and then pass on what they’re seeing to the authorities before they arrive.

This type of response is powerful because it increases the number of criminals that are caught in the act.


Our central station staff can contact the police if there is a crime at your home or business. Not only can they relay details to the police but, with live video monitoring, they can verify that there is an active crime in progress. This fact will improve police response time.

Fire Service

It’s not just burglar alarm systems that can be monitored. Smoke alarms, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms can also be monitored. We provide service of gas leak monitoring such as carbon dioxide monitoring in Toronto and fire monitoring Toronto. This is crucial as fires, and carbon monoxide leaks can quickly become very dangerous situations. We also provide flood monitoring Toronto, Canada. If requested, our central staff can contact the fire department directly to inform them of an emergency situation at your home or business.


The central station staff can monitor personal emergency systems and other such security tools. We provide medical monitoring Toronto and across Canada for any event of an accident or medical emergency, paramedics can be contacted right away. This gives you incredible peace of mind.

Security Guards

In certain areas, there are charges levied by police departments for emergency response. In these cases, you may wish to have a private security guard service respond to emergency alarms. If this is your preference, we can arrange for this to happen.

Trust SafeTech

SafeTech works with our customers to contact them in the event of a trouble situation. Depending on your situation and your preference, we can also contact emergency services if requested to do so. For more information on our emergency response services and Flood monitoring Toronto, Medical Monitoring Toronto, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Toronto, Fire Monitoring Toronto please contact us today.

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