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Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring

Being able to monitor your cameras and view live footage from your property whenever you are located has a number of benefits. Not only does it provide you with incredible peace of mind, but it also allows you to check in on your home or business and view exactly what is happening live, whenever there is a potential security or safety issue.

SafeTech offers a number of different DIY live video surveillance camera options that make it possible to monitor your property from various locations inside your home and as well as just about anywhere with an internet connection.

IP Intercom Cameras

smartphone video monitoringIP Intercom cameras connect to your home network and allow you to view footage from the camera using computers or monitors in your home as well as remotely from a smart phone or laptop. There are a number of benefits to these systems. For example, you can use IP intercom cameras to see who is at your door when the doorbell rings. This can prevent home invasions and other crimes.

IP intercom cameras can also feature two-way audio, making it possible to speak to those outside your home without compromising security by opening a door.

Most IP intercom cameras are Powered over Ethernet (PoE), and therefore can operate without a dedicated power supply. These cameras connect to your home network and are managed by software. The design of these cameras makes it possible to integrate them into a larger security system (such as one that contains access control readers, electric locks, etc.).

IP Cameras Connected to Router

IP cameras can be connected to a router, making remote access to your camera from anywhere not just possible but easy. This means that you can log in and view footage from these cameras from just about any device with an internet connection. You will always know what is happening at your property.

There are a number of key benefits to remote viewing. Not only can you use these cameras to see what is happening inside your property in the event of an alarm, but these cameras can also provide you with important information on your family. For example, you can log in and check to see if your children have arrived home from school or if your housekeeper is working.

IP cameras function with all major brands of routers and require little technical set-up to get them functioning correctly.

IP Cameras with SD Cards

These IP cameras do not require a centralized DVR in order to record video footage. Instead, they have recording functions built in and save video footage directly to a standard SD card. This makes them easy to use and eliminates the need for an additional DVR. It also means that you do not need to upload any video data to the cloud (and potentially pay monthly fees for such a service).

These cameras can also be connected to your home network to allow for remote viewing. The ease of use of these cameras make them a popular choice for home monitoring.

For more information on IP cameras and DIY live view security services, please contact us today.

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