7 Day, 24-Hour Video Surveillance Station in Toronto, ON

U.L.C Listed Monitoring Station

Central Station Monitoring Services Mean 24/7 Security

24-Hour Video Surveillance in Toronto, ONOur Toronto video surveillance services keep you and your property safe and secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of a trouble condition such as an alarm, the central station will react to contact property owners as well as the authorities if necessary and if instructed to do so by the property owner.
Our 24-hour video surveillance in Toronto can reduce crime, alert you to criminal situations, reduce losses in the event of smoke or fire, and much more. Having your cameras monitored can save lives.

SafeTech’s monitoring station is a fully redundant, state of the art U.L.C listed facility. All staff are experienced, trained, dedicated and focused on keeping your property safe with 24 hour home alarm video monitoring in Toronto. No matter what the emergency or when it strikes, you can trust our 24 hour monitoring station in Toronto to react quickly and to take steps to reduce loss, protect people and solve crimes.

Video Verification on Alarm

When your surveillance cameras are monitored by a central station, you give our trained staff the ability to verify alarms. When your alarm sounds, the central station can log into your cameras and view live and pre-recorded footage of your property. This lets them determine the cause of the alarm, which prevents false alarms. Many municipalities charge for false alarms. Thus, video verification not only saves hassle, it also saves money.

The central station can even relay the information they gather from the footage to the authorities before they arrive on scene, giving them key details about the situation that they are about to encounter. This can greatly improve the effectiveness of the authorities once they arrive.

Analytics Based IP Cameras

Cameras with embedded analytics have the power to do far more than provide you with a view of a property. These cameras can detect motion, use facial recognition to accurate identify individuals, recognize movements and objects and effectively ignore activity that is not relevant. This provides greater accuracy and allows the central station to receive more detailed information about a situation. This not only helps detect, prevent and solve crimes, but it also cuts down on false alarms.

For more information on 24-hour video surveillance in Toronto and 24/7 central station monitoring, please contact us today.

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