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managed security services Columbus Ohio

managed security services Columbus Ohio

Is managed security worth the cost? Most people often wonder whether they should outsource their IT security services. The only way to quantify the cost of managed security services in Columbus, Ohio, is to understand the impact of a network security breach and the value of each protective service.

Impact of a data breach

The total amount lost in a data breach continues to increase each year across the world. This case is because attacks are becoming more complicated, leading to more losses in revenue, business, and customer confidence.

What is the cost of a managed security service?

The answer depends on the extent and details of the security in question. There are too many variables affecting the cost; hence, it is impossible to offer a blanket value. Some of the variables affecting the price include:

  • The size of the IT infrastructure needing coverage
  • Assets in the network
  • The level of security that will serve the system
  • The development needed to level up the network system to an acceptable level of security.
  • The specific cybersecurity services that will improve the network
  • The frequency of recurring services that will improve the security

A case study of a small business with standard network security will spend much less than a large company with a demanding network. It may be better to compare the cost of the service by mimicking the functions of a previous project on managed security services in Columbus, Ohio, for a small business. Note that hiring an outside cybersecurity company is better than an in-house team because cybersecurity professionals earn approximately $73,000 annually.

What will you save with managed security services in Columbus, Ohio?

Breach related costs

Consider the impact that led to massive data breaches in the largest enterprises in the world. Hiring our security systems prevents damage by loss of data, brand identity, and loss of shareholders and investors.

Employee costs

You should not have to maintain a fully-staffed and on-site security department that will only be active during a data breach. You would need to buy more facilities and keep salaries and other compensations. The cost of hiring Stealth Entry is only the upfront amount required to kick start the project, a reasonable maintenance fee, and the total cost of a completed contract.

Minimal technology costs

You could quickly spend $80,000 on the necessary cybersecurity equipment before the system is up and running. Organizations quickly spend up to $146,000 each year on infrastructure alone. 

We have running operations in various parts of the country, meaning we also have the latest tools and knowledge to maintain a system. This aspect gives us a unique advantage in serving your needs because we can protect your system against compromises that lead to devastating breaches.

Cybercriminals evolve at a fast rate to find weak gaps in a sophisticated security system. While cost is a defining factor in hiring managed security services in Columbus, Ohio, we have several packages that will be vastly beneficial to your system. Do not be a statistic of the companies that do not understand cost savings in managed security because they did not ask the right questions. Reach out to us now and let us devise a way that will protect your interest at an affordable fee.



managed security services Columbus Ohio
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