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Home Security Orlando Fl

Home Security Orlando Fl

Tips To Help You Improve Your Home Security In Orlando FL

Protecting your entire family, properties, and everything you own begins with protecting your home. But it can sometimes be overwhelming to gather some tips on home security in Orlando FL due to the number of home security resources out there. The good news is that there are some inexpensive and easy to implement home security tips that can be useful to you.

In this article, you will be able to learn about some of them. It is very important you make the security of your home your top priority. This is for the good of your family as well as your properties. Getting a much better and advanced security for your home is a really great investment to make, especially when you have some valuables in your home. Here some tips to help you improve your home security in Orlando FL:

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

You should invest more in your outdoor lighting. Let the light be strategically positioned to minimize shadows at all the possible points of entrance. When you have dense foliage and overgrown shrubs, they tend to cast shadows when your lights are not well positioned, and shadows provide intruders with better hiding spots. If your compound has poor lighting every night, then thieves won’t border themselves looking for a good spot to hide. So investing in outdoor lighting is one great way to improve your home security in Orlando FL.

If you are one those of those people that don’t like keeping their security light on all through the night, then you should consider going for motion sensor lights. This will also help you to cut down on your electricity bill compared to when your light will be on all through the night. With this option, you will immediately know when an intruder is approaching your home.

Install Deadbolt Lock on Your Doors

Try to install a deadbolt lock that is at least one inch thick on all your exterior doors. Although they are a little bit more expensive than other locks, deadbolt locks are very strong, and they provide you with even more security. When you are installing deadbolts locks on your doors, try to make sure you leave very little or no space between the frame of the door and the door. Leaving an opening in between gives criminals the opportunity to pry your door apart.

The Hinges of Your Doors Should Be Interior

If the hinges of your door are on the outside of the home, it can be easy for a criminal to remove the pin of the hinges to gain entrance into the house. To improve your home security in Orlando FL, you need to remove the door and re-install it in a way that the hinges will be inside the house.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Behind

It can be very painful and annoying when you can’t gain access to your house when you want to; this is why some residents like keeping the spare key to their home in their compound. But this is not advisable. It gives intruders quick access to your house. Instead, you can give your spare key to a neighbor you trust.


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