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Roller Shades Irvine

Roller Shades Irvine

Two windows that look the same could have completely different names and qualities. A well-versed consultant at Superior View will educate you on the intricacies of each look and the mechanisms of use. One typical confusing case is the likening between roller shades and solar shades.

Understanding solar shades and roller shades

Roller shades

These shades are a budget-friendly option that offers a simple mechanism of operation. Their design gives them unlimited possibilities concerning fashion and materials. You can select a neutral, colorful, vinyl, or fabric material that will accentuate your room as best as possible. Roller shades are the best option when you want an opaque, obscure form of the external world.

Solar shades

Solar shades are comfortable in their form of usage. They do not have veins or slats and have a material that makes them more expensive than roller shades.

The base of the shades is a loosely woven material that is transparent to allow a generous amount of light. The sheet covers the window when you propel it with a tube function or a roller. The weave in the material makes the shade important in rooms that need blockage from excess airflow, privacy, and an ample amount of sunlight. 

Solar sheets are great when you want to enjoy the sun without endearing the harshness of UV rays. They have different UV rays ratings to guide the user on how each one allows in light. A 14 percent openness rating blocks 86 percent of UV rays and let the 14 into the house. This case means that the shade gets more transparent as the openness rating rises.

The shades have more similarities than differences. The main difference is within the cover material and the uniqueness of each function. Understanding the comparison will help you choose the best roller shades in Irvine for a room that needs less or more lighting.

Similarities between solar and roller shades

  • Both variations have a roller functionality
  • They have a smooth material without the pleats that are present in pleated and Roman shades
  • The shades have a low-profile appearance and are perfect in a room that needs a neutral decoration
  • Both shades allow the user to control the light better than they would with pleated shades
  • Both shades have similar methods of measurements and installations
  • The shades have blackout options
  • Both options have the possibility of containing metal chain lifts, cordless spring rollers, nylon chain lifts, and cassette valances
  • Both shades can roll in reverse

Differences between solar and roller shades

  • Solar shades have a specific purpose of blocking out a set amount of UV rays while roller shades block out all the light coming through the sheet
  • Roller shades are available in more vibrant colors while solar shades are only available in neutral colors
  • Solar shades have a certain degree of transparency while roller shades are completely opaque
  • Roller shades in Irvine have vinyl and fabric materials while solar shades have a screen-like sheet
  • Solar shades are convenient in reducing the energy costs while roller shades are better as a budget-friendly and stylish cover





Roller Shades Irvine
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