Video Monitoring Toronto

video monitoring toronto

You want to protect your family and keep them safe from harm. The best way to secure your home or office is with video monitoring in Toronto. Our monitoring service offers options to give you peace of mind and protect your loved ones and your belongings.

What Are the Advantages of Video Monitoring in Toronto?

Video monitoring in Toronto is the best way to ensure the safety of your home. Alarm systems connect to video devices to provide immediate alerts to our monitoring station. Then we can review the situation and contact the police. You will get a prompt, professional response to the problem. Video also provides images of the suspects so that police can locate them if they leave before the police arrive. Monitoring is easy and affordable. You can rest assured that you keep your home protected when you get protection from an expert such as Safe Tech Monitoring Station.

Types of Video Monitoring

We offer video verification on the alarm and DIY live view video monitoring in Toronto. IP intercom cameras connect to your home network so you can access the video from a computer or monitor. Our monitoring station uses video verification when they get an alarm from your residence. The security team logs into your video camera to verify the breach of security. Then, they alert police to the emergency. This can occur within just minutes of the first alarm. You can choose the alarm system that works best for your particular needs.

How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Your home or office connects to an alarm system that we monitor in our Toronto center. When an alarm goes off, the team immediately views the video to find out what is happening. You can include a variety of alerts to meet your needs. For example, we offer fire, carbon monoxide detector, flood, sump pump failure, panic, and temperature alarm monitoring. When any of your alarms go off, we view the video and alert the proper authorities. There is no faster or better way to protect your home and your loved ones. We help defend many homes and businesses in Toronto and across Canada.

About Safe Tech Monitoring Station

Safe Tech Monitoring Station is a professional monitoring company in Toronto. We use high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your home or office. We have the lowest rate of loss in the industry with only .2% rate of loss. We achieved 96% customer satisfaction, and our average response time is just 89 seconds. Our equipment is fully redundant, so there is never a fear of outage. We provide monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. We train our professional team to handle all types of emergencies. We know what to do to protect your home and family. Our services are reliable and competent. We understand how vital our services are and we don’t disappoint. We have received awards from HomeStars and Consumer Choice. Contact us today so we can start protecting your home.




Video Monitoring Toronto

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Video Surveillance Toronto

Video surveillance in Toronto is becoming more common because the times of leaving your doors unlocked are in the past. Video surveillance has increased in popularity since the technological boom. Whether it is a false alarm or a true emergency, you can be alerted immediately. Video footage of all alarms is available in case the authorities need it for evidence. If you have been looking into video surveillance in Toronto, you have probably heard of Safe Tech Monitoring Station. For over twenty years, the professionals at Safe Tech Monitoring Station have been providing business and home security to the Toronto area. With a ninety six percent customer satisfaction rate, you too are sure to be thrilled with the services that Safe Tech Monitoring Station can provide to you and your family.

How Video Surveillance for Security Works

When you become a Safe Tech Monitoring Station customer, video footage is viewable each time an alarm sounds at your business or home. Our staff is able to log in and view your property when an alarm has sounded. If there is a crime in progress, our staff will alert the authorities right away in attempt to catch the burglar in action. Video footage will be available in case it is needed as evidence. Using video surveillance is a good way to ensure that criminals that break into your home or office will be prosecuted.

Security Video Surveillance can ultimately save you Money

Believe it or not, investing in video surveillance can ultimately help you save money. Home and business owners that invest in video surveillance technology can expect to experience lower insurance premiums. By removing some of the liability of a break in with a security video surveillance service, your premiums will lower on your property. These types of systems can help your business save money as well. If you should have an employee have an accident or damage office items, you will have video footage of the incident, which may prove the employee is at fault for the accident or damage and you won’t have to pay for damages or hospital bills.

Why Security Video Surveillance is a Good Idea

Video surveillance for security is a good idea for multiple reasons. Not only can you save money, but you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home and office is completely safe. If someone should break in, you will have video footage of the crime to provide to the authorities as evidence. If our staff at Safe Tech Monitoring Station detect an alarm, they will immediately view live footage to see if a crime is in progress. If so, the proper authorities and emergency services will be contacted. Simply having a visible video surveillance system can help deter criminals from attempting to break in.

If you are interested in getting video surveillance and you live in the Toronto area, do not delay in getting in touch with our team at Safe Tech Monitoring Station. Our team can answer any questions that you may have about home security.

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